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Borgward is a Bremen-based luxury brand that is committed to the production of top-quality leather accessories made in Germany. Borgward went on the market in 2010 with the aim of processing the finest leathers to create collections that are on exhibition independently of the season and have the format to become classic products.

Petra Borgward is a member of the third generation associated with Borgward, the legendary automobile manufacturer based in Bremen. That is why all the Company’s bags are fitted with leather interiors in the familiar Borward red. Borgward can be found in the showroom in Bremen, in the Brandnest on Sylt, and also online, as well as at sites run by selected, exclusive trading partners.

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Petra Borgward bears a name that is steeped in history and closely connected with Bremen. Connected to the third generation of the family and driven by the idea of establishing the name of Borgward once again as a brand standing for individuality, exclusivity and timelessness, Petra Borgward founded the bag manufacturing workshop borgward bagforgood in 2012.

Petra Borgward is a designer and businesswoman. She designs, produces and markets high-quality, “made in Germany” leather bags, which stand out on account of their timeless design, longevity and uniqueness. The entrepreneur is convinced of Germany being a production site for high-quality leather products and, with her collection, contributes to the preservation and expansion of the once-strong traditional craftsmanship and production of leather goods in Germany.

Each bag is handmade in Germany and is a unique and distinctive product. A certain stylistic element connecting all the pieces is inextricably linked to the car brand of the same name and especially to the legendary Isabella car: all these unique items captivate the onlooker with their red leather interiors.

In the automobile country of Germany, the name Borgward once stood for vision, quality and inspiration – values with which Petra Borgward also wants to see herself and her designer bags being identified.



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