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BORGWARD - the Bremen, Germany based high-end leather bag design house - is delighted to announce and of the 15th of February launch its completely redesigned online presence as well as its pioneering online experience for high-end online shopping. By deciding to set a dialogue from Customer Care Advisor to consumer before every purchase, BORGWARD ensures a high - never seen - level of understanding and knowledge of the product, for which BORGWARD never resists on going the extra mile for quality and consumer experience.

BORGWARD truly believes that its end consumer experience is way beyond of ordinary - rather establishing a true understanding of the antagonist fast fashion - of which it understands to be the exact counterpart.

An educational dialogue that takes place in the context of the Customer Care Advisor to consumer meeting consequently supports a true appreciation for the exceptionally visionary and environmentally respectful sourcing of the raw materials, whose life and living conditions BORGWARD deeply values and is committed to in every way.

Taking a closer look at never seen - until now intern - analysis, BORGWARD understood to set its product into a state of the art and popculatural context, making sure that every detail regarding the end product, it’s sourcing and manufacturing, is setting top notch signs, that surpass yet seen standards, enabling every product to be standardized sourced, living the idea of luxury, that BORGWARD is not only thinking about in a way of superior craftsmanship but also as a sustainable and top standard interaction with everyone’s environment.

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Yannik Heimsoth CMO, Art Director